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“Life is a sun-child,” says Dr. Oswald. This statement was made in 1885. Sunbathing antedates recorded human history. Savages, “primitive” peoples, little boys and animals instinctively seek to avail themselves of the benefits of sunshine. There has never been a … Continue reading

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Healthy and Happy 健康快樂

好東西不需要多 Good things do not need to have a lot 祝福親人朋友在新的一年擁有四天的健康快樂, Wishing relatives and friends 4 days of of Well Being and Happiness in the Coming Year 春天、夏天、秋天、冬天。Spring Day. Summer Day, Autumn Day, Winter Day. 三天,Three Days 昨天、今天、明天。Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. … Continue reading

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