Daily Archives: January 30, 2011

New Year Aspiration 新年心願

新年快乐!萬事如意! 每新的一年,增添多一年的智慧!新的心願! 心願駛使實像! 每新的一年,祝您有個非凡与眾不同的美滿人生觀。祝您一年比一年更健康;一年比一年更快樂;一年比一年更漂亮、更英俊;一年比一年更有智慧;一年比一年更有富有;一年比一年更有幸福。 Happy Chinese New Year! With the passing of every year, we become wiser for a year! With every New Year come New Aspirations! Our Aspiration Drives Our Reality! Let’s have some unique and uncommon wholesome aspirations … Continue reading

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