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Selling and Marketing

Proactive Salespeople Aware: Nothing happens until we call! We can never fail in our selling profession so long as we keep on calling on people. It is an indication of our conviction and passion towards our profession Before we call: … Continue reading

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Why living in a city makes you fat, infertile, blind, depressed and even causes cancer

Should cities carry a health warning? A growing body of research shows that babies born in cities, and children who grow up in them, face a battery of health problems that afflict both their physical and mental well-being. The problems … Continue reading

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Cancer treatment is about making money…provoking thoughts

Majority of the Doctors are still making untruthful accusations – most recent is Steve Jobs case, whereby his doctors claimed that Steve died bec he took alternative instead of conventional. Good News! This article was written by a doctor who … Continue reading

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Being an Effective Being 做人做事胜经

做人就應該做 不會做學習做 學會做自己做 做不熟常常做 想要做立刻做 窮時正當要做 富時更加要做 做不好改良做 做到老享福做 問自己: 您認為您的家是一個溫馨的家還是一個吵吵鬧鬧的屋子?一個家庭成員想逗留溫馨的家還是想盡快離開的家? 已婚男人:您會做一位盡責慈父嗎?還是想做個吃喝玩樂的男人? 已婚女人:您會做一位賢妻良母嗎?還是想做個強女人或是個管夫管兒女的母老虎? 未婚男人:您會做一位盡責孝兒嗎? 未婚女人:您會做一位盡責孝女嗎? 在上学的孩子,您有做到一位盡責的学生嗎? 懂得做人,旺家三代;不懂得做人,敗家三代? 願大家做個智慧人,旺家旺社會;萬萬不可做個聰明人;自以為聰明會被聰明誤。 With Love and Passion Stanley Cham +6012 3- 215 88 Inspiring Growth & Service p.s. Stanley is available for Life & … Continue reading

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Prosperity Living 幸福人生

Prosperity Living begins with Education 幸福人生,教學為先。 Learn how to flow with the natural principles 學習如何順從大自然法則。 There are 5 natural types of Human Relationship,人与人之間,都會自然產生五種關系(五倫大道): Parents and Children: Passionate Parents and Filial Children 父子有親-父慈子孝 Superiors and Subordinates: Superiors lead with respect and … Continue reading

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