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Cancer treatment is about making money…provoking thoughts

Majority of the Doctors are still making untruthful accusations – most recent is Steve Jobs case, whereby his doctors claimed that Steve died bec he took alternative instead of conventional. Good News! This article was written by a doctor who … Continue reading

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Being an Effective Being 做人做事胜经

做人就應該做 不會做學習做 學會做自己做 做不熟常常做 想要做立刻做 窮時正當要做 富時更加要做 做不好改良做 做到老享福做 問自己: 您認為您的家是一個溫馨的家還是一個吵吵鬧鬧的屋子?一個家庭成員想逗留溫馨的家還是想盡快離開的家? 已婚男人:您會做一位盡責慈父嗎?還是想做個吃喝玩樂的男人? 已婚女人:您會做一位賢妻良母嗎?還是想做個強女人或是個管夫管兒女的母老虎? 未婚男人:您會做一位盡責孝兒嗎? 未婚女人:您會做一位盡責孝女嗎? 在上学的孩子,您有做到一位盡責的学生嗎? 懂得做人,旺家三代;不懂得做人,敗家三代? 願大家做個智慧人,旺家旺社會;萬萬不可做個聰明人;自以為聰明會被聰明誤。 With Love and Passion Stanley Cham +6012 3- 215 88 Inspiring Growth & Service sc@onenesstraining.com p.s. Stanley is available for Life & … Continue reading

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