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Philosophy of a Effective and Productive Being 做人之道

When we want to get something done with the help/support of others, it is more effective and productive by sending a request with, “Can you please help to …” rather than giving an authoritative command. Make people feel important, make … Continue reading

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Life Foundation

Without a solid foundation and special competative personal edge, we will have trouble creating anything of wowing value consistently in the marketplace. Great Intentions alone will not lead us anyway. Thus, may every move of us is first focused in … Continue reading

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人生无偶然。 要知過去的所作所为,且看现在人生所招意的一切; 欲知未来的前景,就得看我们现在所作的一切。 人生的成功失败,掌握在自己我裡。 願大家活出一个有智慧的人生。

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