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We have a dream – a Dream to Inspire People for Continuous Growth to Live Purposefully, Happily, Healthily and Wisely for Life!

To Strategically Position Ourselves as the Preferred Motivator, Soft-skill Trainer & Wellness Coach Securing Business Through Word-of-Mouth Marketing


To Inspire People to Build Character & Develop Wisdom so that They Can Truly Live a Wholesome, Meaningful & Fulfilled Life by Investing in Their Own Growth Continuously and Serve Humanity for As Long As They Live


Guarantee to Add Superb Unparalleled Values to Whom We Interact

Profile of Principal Trainer : Dr. Stanley Cham (PhD, MBA, FICMA, RFP, ATM)

Stanley is a Pragmatic Consultative Trainer, Powerful Motivator, Master Communicator, Pragmatic Philosopher and Practical Psychologist by experience! His Professional Passion is in Training and has more than 15 years of Excellent Training Experiences!

Specialize in Value-based Motivation, Sales Motivation, Attitudinal Change, Team Synergy, Personal, Supervisory and Managerial Effectiveness training that guarantees to add unparalleled life-long values. His Unique Professional Proposition is in his ability to Magically Relate and Emotionally Mesmerize his audience with well-researched profound knowledge and training skills. More importantly, He Walks His Talk.

Stanley promotes the concept of Edutainment in adult learning whereby he combines his presentation with Experiential Learning through Indoor Activities, Games, Songs, Music and Video Clips to create superb learning atmosphere.

Author of Be Happy Be Wealthy” and a CD production – Awakening the Giant Within.”

Stanley started his career in the accounting filed, then venture into the sales profession and later into the training profession. He holds a MBA Degree from the University of Action Learning (Colorado, USA), a Fellow member of the International Management Centers Association, Buckingham, UK (FIMCA), a member of Registered Financial Planner (RFP) and an Advanced Toastmaster.

Successfully Conducted training for more than 100 organizations in various industries: Banking & Finance, Insurance, Multi-level Marketing, Property and Development, Information Technology, Non-Profit Organizations, Construction, Medical/ Pharmaceutical, Plantation, Manufacturing, Retail, Professional Services, Travel Agencies, Hospitality/Services, Automotive, Government and Telecommunication.

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6012 30 215 88

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