Breaking Through Boundaries

Earl Nightingale, a well-known motivational speaker and author, told a story about a farmer walking through a field where he had planted a crop of pumpkins. He came across a glass jug and, as an experiment, poked a very small green pumpkin through the neck of the bottle.

Months later, where the field was ready for harvesting, the farmer again came across the glass jug. While the other pumpkins on the same vine were fully developed, the pumpkin in the jug had not been able o grow beyond the confines of the glass prison and shaped to its exact dimensions.

What size and kind of bottle are we going to grow into? By enlarging the size and scope of our goals, our won field of dreams will take any shape we give it. Our success will be as big as we dare to envision it, not constrained in some small, transparent prison. So how can we become a “no-limits” individual and break out of our bottle?

First, realize that our financial “net worth” will be dependent on our “self-worth.” Our performance doesn’t create value, it reflects value. Our inner value will determine the level of performance we ultimately will achieve.

Second, help others get what they want and we will get what we want. The fastest way to the top is to develop other people to become successful.

Third, leverage with people and the existing resources that are already abundantly available.

Finally, attend regular cell motivational meetings. By doing so, we get a permanent boost in our belief in ourselves and our decision to join people of similar beliefs. It is a contagious emotion that spreads like wildfire throughout the entire network.

There are two critical events that often spell the difference between outstanding accomplishment and merely earning a living.

The first is experiencing a “moment of truth” wherein we become fully committed to success at any cost.

The second happens when we encounter other people with the same passionate vision of the future that we have.

May you excel and succeed in your chosen endeavour.

with Love and Passion,

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