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Talk and Communicating

Talking involves just one party, the person often love to talk and talk his or her way through, especially the negative people while communicating involving at least two parties with the intention to ensure messages are well received and perceived … Continue reading

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2014 World Championship of Public Speaking

1st Place Winner – Dananjaya Hettiarachchi – ‘I Saw Something’

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Interpersonal Communication – Conflict Resolution

Interpersonal Communication – Conflict Resolution State the Objective to be achieved and objective needs to be clear Settle one issue at a time Clarity the issue Focus on the issue and not the personality; give every person a fair chance … Continue reading

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Pointers on Communication by Alan Tan

When we invite people to come for something that are wholesome and good, 8 out of 10 people will not come, why? That is just how the world is made up of. Our challenge is to increase the effective our … Continue reading

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Respond Styles in Communication

1. ADVISING Intention To judge or criticize another person’s ideas, feelings, or behavior To tell or teach the person what is right or good  for him or her Caution The receiver may regard the advice, no matter how well-intended, as … Continue reading

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PJI – Team In Action – Testimonial & Photographs 11th Dec 2010

Testimonial – PJI Holdings Berhad “Amongst all the teambuilding consultants and training providers that I engaged for my employers, Stanley Cham could only have been conferred as the most ‘Pragmatic and Practical trainer’ where his training was not stereotypically and … Continue reading

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