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Seeing the flaws of other as always

Why can some people always only see the flaws of others and zoom in on them? And how would you deal with these kinds of people? People who do that are either (1) Narcissists, and cannot be changed no matter … Continue reading

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Wesak Day 2011 (17th May 2011) Reflection – Live in the Moments

Pick up a little booklet on Living in the Moments. Upon reading and contemplating, happy to summarize the following learning points. May you too benefits from them. 每個人都在不同的方式下成長。只要我們是朝著正確的方向行去,只需繼續走下去。如果需要一年,或六十年,或五輩子,只要我們朝向光明,那才是最重要的 慧觀的增長是去經驗自我外在与內心之流 只需專注,只要保持覺醒 覺知一切狀況 培信直覺 直覺來自於平靜的心,幻覺則是屬概念上的 直覺的增長並非來自思考,而是覺知當下 培養強而有力的覺醒能拹助心保持安靜与專注 專注是心的本在中的其中一种,也就是心靈深索的基礎 整個覺醒的增長來自在平靜的心境而不是思想和概念 增長是大的障礙是疑惑的心 覺知是對治障礙的最佳能量和最有影響力的方法 覺知當下 … Continue reading

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Breaking Through Invisible Barriers

When I was a boy, I used to enjoy going to local county fair to see the flea circus. I couldn’t comprehend, at first, how those tiny fleas could be trained to hop and jump around on miniature trampolines and … Continue reading

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PJI – Team In Action – Testimonial & Photographs 11th Dec 2010

Testimonial – PJI Holdings Berhad “Amongst all the teambuilding consultants and training providers that I engaged for my employers, Stanley Cham could only have been conferred as the most ‘Pragmatic and Practical trainer’ where his training was not stereotypically and … Continue reading

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We Are Endowed with the Seed of Greatness

One day a man was walking in the woods near his home. As he was walking he bent down and picked up two acorns lying in the path. When he got home he examined the two acorns. He found the … Continue reading

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Insights of the Day 2nd Nov 2010 – Respect & Disrespect

Our ability to speak respectfully to those who have spoken to us disrespectfully is a sign of our emotional maturity. These people are but our teachers. They provide us the opportunity to cultivate our emotional maturity. We will be surprised … Continue reading

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