Defination – Define or Being Defined

“Words” can be defined in many ways.

Certain words form an important part of our life, is it not wise for use to define them according to our standards so that they can energize, guide or propel us to a greater height.

People tend to live lives without definitions or merely on the definitions of others.  They tend to live in accordance to the societal norms or cultures. Do they then, truly live their lives?

Here are some definitions I use to guide my effort may be of benefit to you. Adopt, adapt, modify them to suit your needs.

“Right” Belief System - Why do we need to have a sound Belief System? – It is a means to help us understand how things work, it is helpful for our own progress; it does not contain flaw that would otherwise drag us down.

Faith – Our willingness to believe in some trustworthy authorities or persons until understanding comes from within.

Pride – An egoistic state of mind which absolutely has no value and yet fools are willing to pay for the price of it for life.

Perception – Frame of reference through which we view the world.

Research – Investment of resources to explore whatever we know into further insights by ourselves.

Success – It is an outcome that we achieve after having set our intent to achieve it.

Work – What is Work? Work is whenever we invest our resources into getting what we want for our life.

修行: 改正自己的过失

修行: 改正自己的过失

生日: 即是母亲的受难日,知恩报思之日

孝心: 让父母放心

教育: 教-上所施,下所效;育: 使作善也

身教: 不言之教,上行下效

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2 Responses to Defination – Define or Being Defined

  1. dysplacebo says:

    Our willingness to believe in some trustworthy authorities or persons until understanding comes from within

    what does “understanding comes from within” mean

  2. oneness says:

    Knowledge is what we learned from external source, a great starting point.
    When we end it there, we are not after all that wise.
    The next level of learning is greatly depended on our willingness to dissect, reflect and analyze those what we learn by ourselves by asking ourselves the why and how questions to gain a deeper understanding of the subject.
    A 7-level “why” deep will indeed give us deep penetration of the subject.
    With such effort, we will internalize our learning and become an authority of the subject, differentiating ourselves from the rest of the world.

    P.S. Simple wise question, lengthy answer. Thank you for asking ( =

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