Dreaming and Planning

To everything there is a season; a time for every purpose under heaven. As we approach the New Year, let us make a commitment that now is our season for dreaming, goal setting, and planning.  All highly successful people individuals are big dreamers.

A true “life Dream” is the way we want to live, not just the things we want to own. It is the person we want to be. How is it that we want to live… to think… to play… to grow… to love… to spend our remaining hours, days, and years?

Once our dreams are vividly in focus, it is time to begin molding those dreams into goals.

A dream is what we would like for life to be and hold. A goal is what we intend to make happen.

Goals are intentional specified critical activities that we intended to do to work towards realization of our dreams. They are rooted in commitment; a desire to do whatever it takes to make a dream come true.

Here are 4 Simple Goal Achieving Guidelines:

1.    Make Our Goals Reachable – just beyond one’s present grasp.

2.    Quantify each Intentional Specified Critical Activity we intend to deliver

3.    Put It in Writing

4.    Monitor and Review it Daily

May you follow and live your dreams!

with Love and Passion,

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