Foods and Brain Functioning

Glucose is the sole source of energy for the brain. Human brain cannot store glucose. Thus, it needs a continuous supply of it.

Research has shown proper breakfast improves attention, memory, respond time. The right kind of food for breakfast is critical.

Simple sugar foods generate high glycemic index (GI) levels. They cause hypoglycaemia or low blood sugar. It then stimulates appetite which leads to increased caloric intake. It reduces cognitive function.

Eating high GI level foods lead to poorer word recall ability, memory and attention power.

The faster of release of glucose of simple carbohydrates into the bloodstream affects mental ability as opposed to complex carbohydrates.

Complex carbohydrates give a low GI that result in a prolonged increased blood glucose profile. It prevents hypoglycemia. It, inturn, results in better mental performance like better memory and attention span.

Examples of foods with high GI levels are sugared cornflakes, white rice, white bread and soft drinks, and low GI foods include rolled oat, brown rice, almond, walnuts and oranges.

All learning and behaviour is determined by the brain function. Proper nutrition increases the brain’s capacity.

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