Forgive and Forgiving

If Others Have Done Me Wrong, Whether With Malice, Or Lack Of Tact, I Sincerely Forgive Them, And Let Go Of All My Grudge.

I Forgive Remembering How Often I Too Have Been At Fault.

I Forgive, Knowing That To Hold Ill Will Is To Cause Myself Greater Harm

Than Others Can Do To Me.

I Forgive Knowing That Desire For Revenge Only Brings The Heart Turmoil And Agitation.

If I Have Done Wrong To Others, Whether Through Malice Or Lack Of Tact, I Acknowledge My Transgressions And Ask To Be Forgiven.

I Ask To Be Forgiven Knowing How Little I Have To Complain About When Others Do Me Wrong.

I Ask To Be Forgiven Hoping My Bad Example Will Not Lead Others Into Wrong.

I Ask To Be Forgiven Feeling Truly Sorry And Promising To Make Amends.

I Ask To Be Forgiven Resolving To Practice Restrain In The Future.

“Forgive others, Not Because They Deserve Forgiveness But Because You Deserve Peace.” a whatsapp posting by a good friend of mine Vijayan Menon on 25/5/2017

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