How to Add Value to Ourselves and to Others 1

The way to succeed in life is to continuously Adding Value to Ourselves and to Others. Here’s is the beginning of a 5 value-add post from a compilation of more that 100 ways of adding to ourselves and to others. If you would like to add on to the list, send in your idea on the Feedback column. Your contribution to more value-add methods will be greatly appreciated. Let’s SYNERGIZE!

1.     Everyone is unique. Different folk needs different stroke. The more value-add strategies we have at our exposure, the easier is for us to value-add effectively to others

2.     When wise advice is not heeded, the price of stubbornness has to be paid

3.     Complement people meaningfully within the first 30 seconds of our conversation

4.     Ask people questions about their areas of interest: their passions, their profession, their values

5.     Complement a person about something specific in front of others

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