Is Success Harder Today Than It Was in Years Past?

That is the general feeling of the day and into the near future.

Recession, unemployment, general economic slow down are happening in the economic power house. Lot of people are not making financial progress.

We see much of such stories in the papers and on the TV.

It is not just the recession that we are dealing with. We are also faced with heavy-handed politics, catastrophic natural disasters, and other major world events that we cannot control.

If we are not careful, it’s easy to let all these things affect us negatively. When we allow of these to affect us negatively, we know it can never be good for us.

We need to take control of our life especially in facing tough times. No matter what is happening in the world at large, we learn to see the positive aspect of it, we engineer our attitude.

A simple mindset shift will work wonders.

Know let us talk about Success. What is it? It is an outcome that we achieve after having set our intent to achieve it.

It is one thing to succeed in accomplishing a specific goal or task. It is a totally different matter to achieve success in all of life.

Imagine success in life looks like a large circus tent with a tall pole in the centre to give the tent height. There are multiple stakes around the perimeter of the tent to hold the edges down.

The tall pole represents us. We are holding this tent up. The stakes that support the rest of the structure represent the different key areas of our life: our health, our wealth, our family, our relationships.

What happens when one of the stakes pulls out of the ground? The line goes slack, the structure begins to sag and potentially collapse.

We are working hard, making money, watching our bank account grow. In the process, we are neglecting our health. We are eating poorly. We are not getting any exercise. We are not getting enough sleep. We feel tired.

The next thing we know, we are struck by sickness and we bed ridden. Now, we cannot earn money. In fact, we cannot do much of anything because we have neglected a key requirement for life success. We have neglected our health.

At one point or another, we’ve all experienced this. We’ve all fallen short of our ideal lifestyle because we’ve neglected something that is important to our overall life success.

When we want to have total success in our life, we have to approach it from a holistic point of view. We cannot just examine one stake on one side of our tent; we must examine all the stakes to make sure they are safe and secure and holding our tent in place.

When things are going badly, or looking as if they might go badly, we need to examine how we are perceived them.

When we read in the news that some big companies are laying off people by the thousands, it might lead you to conclude that, “Nobody is hiring. Everybody is getting laid off.”

As ourselves, is this a valid conclusion?

It only means that some companies are not hiring and that some people are getting laid off. Naturally, this ALSO means that the inverse is true. When some business are not hiring, some business ARE. When some businesses are laying off people, certainly there are other businesses that are NOT laying off people.

So here are a few questions to ask yourself:

● When some businesses are hiring right now, then why should not I be hired?

● When some people are getting pay raises and promotions, then why should not I get one too?

● When some businesses are growing right now, then why not mine?

You see, these questions re-frame how you perceive things. These questions put usu back in control again. And that is what we want: to be in control.

Let us assume that we have a job and we would like to increase the amount of money we are making. There are two different approaches we could take.

The first is the “hope and pray” method.

Most people go to work every day and just hope and pray that when the time for annual review comes around, they will get their usual pay raise.

Do these people get raises? Sometimes, but if they do it’s usually not as much as they’d like. And sometimes it’s nothing at all.

The “hope and pray” method is not predictable, and it’s react in the least. It amounts to giving up control and letting the cards fall as they may. Not an effective approach.

Now, the secret to getting a healthy pay raise every year is to create more value than we are getting paid right now. This is called the “add value” approach.

So if we are making $50,000 per year, we want to make $75,000 per year. We then create as much value as a person who is paid $75,000 per year and we will eventually make $75,000 per year.

It may not happen overnight. It may not even happen this year. But it will happen for no good effort will ever go to waste.

In this way, we are in control of our financial future. Add more value than we are paid today and our income will grow.

Now, is it really harder to succeed today than it was in years past?

The problem is not that it is harder to succeed; the problem is that it’s harder to think successfully in tough times. We are constantly bombarded with negative news. There are people in our life who do not believe we can be more than we are, achieve more than we have already achieved.

Turn off the news. The lesser junk we put into our brain; the better it is for us. Distant ourselves

From people who always talk negatively.

We always have a choice. We do not have to listen to the negative news and stories. We certainly do not have to internalize it.

We need to control where we place your attention. Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows.

Success starts on the inside, not the outside. So focus on what’s going on between our ears – and it won’t matter so much what’s going on in the world around us.

with Love and Passion,

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