Life Winning Philosophy “赢” 的人生哲学

“赢” 的人生哲学 Life Winning Philosophy

赢家所需具备的五个态度。To Win, from the CHinese Character of “赢””Wining”,we need to possess 5 attributes

“亡”时刻要有危机感,随时了解我们所处的环境变化而做有效的準備。Crisis Awareness Mentality – Always be alert of the Changing Environments we are in that may bring about crisis in life. Be able and willing to effect the needed preparation prior to its happening.

“口”要做好有效的沟通和打好关系。Master our communication and relationship skills.
“月”要亲身的实践,要不断的下功夫,经验是需要时间的积累,善于经营人脉经营。Time is needed to accumulate the needed life experiences and continuous self-improvement.

“贝”就是资源管理,只有学会了资源管理才能积累财富,才能实现财富自由。它也是一个人的独特性,无形的资产。随时增加自己的知识,保持学习的态度,就是最好的扎根方法。Manage our resources effectively. Know are unique professional proposition.

“凡” 指的是平常心,专心努力去去执行而争取胜利。Use common sense and stay focus in executing needed actions to craft the winning edge in whatever we do.

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