Man with No Leg – The Story of Peng Shuilin

Peng Shuilin is 78 cm high, born in Hunan Province, China. In 1995 in Shenzhen, a freight truck sliced his body in half. His lower body and legs were beyond repair. Surgeons sewed up his torso. Peng Shuilin, 37, spent nearly two years in hospital in Shenzhen, undergoing a series of operations to re-route nearly every major organ or system inside his body. Peng kept exercising his arms, building up strength, washing his face and brushing his teeth. He survived against all odds.
Now Peng Shulin has astounded doctors by learning to walk again after a decade. A cable is attached to both legs so that when one goes forward, the other goes backwards. Hospital vice-president Lin Liu said, “He is fitter than most men his age.”
Peng Shuilin has opened his own bargain supermarket, called the Half Man- Half Price Store. The inspirational 37-year-old has become a businessman and is used as a role model for other amputees. At just 2 ft 7 ins tall, he moves around in a wheelchair, giving lectures. His attitude is amazing; he doesn’t complain. His secret is cheerfulness. Nothing ever gets him down.
We have a whole body. Now we have met a man who has no feet. His life is a feat of endurance, a triumph of the human spirit in overcoming extreme adversity.

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