Mindset and Immune System

The major factor that leads human beings moving away from Wellness is the Mindset Factor.

We are made up of body and mind. The mind being the master and the body as the faithful servant.

When we constantly live in fear – fear of ill health, fear of death, fear of being ridicule, feeling of insecurity, fear of environmental pollutions, fear of the food the we consume, etc.; and worry – worry about our future, worry about our economical, political and societal situations, worry about your loved ones and …, our body will have to respond to them accordingly as though they are “Real” for our body obtains messages about external realities from the input of our mind. When these happen, our body will have to act according and to activate our immune system to defend us – the body and the mind, from all these “Illusionary Realities”.

When we constantly spike our body due to our own Fear and Worry Factors, we thus weaken our immune system over times resulting them exhausted and incapable of rendering an effective functioning of defending us when real needs arise.

The first step to Oneness Wellness Living is

“Let’s live and embrace in the present, let’s let go of worries and fears. Focus on our life mission and move on confidently in achieving our life vision.”

With Love and Passion,

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“Training is Our Profession, Wellness is Our Passion.”


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