My Learning of the Week – 3rd to 9th October 2011

Life is a continuous learning process. Let us learn and share together.

  1. Simple Entrepreneurship Sales and Marketing Process – See People, Drink Coffee, Tell Story, Make Money!

  2. Want or Really Want: 想要,要,一定要,還是死死都要。 Hound and Rabbit Story獵狗和兔子的故事。

  3. What is the most poisonous “Fruit ”in life? “If (如果 in Chinese)”人生什麼果最毒?如果!

  4. Yesterday is worth reflecting; today is worth to exert; tomorrow will be filled with opportunities. 日值得回味、今日值得發揮、明日沖滿机會。

  5. 听過之後您決定什么做?左右罷動,還是一動也不動。

  6. Derek Redmond 堅持到底比跑第一更重要!

  7. Selling is about bringing dead things to life by the power of our creativity.

  8. Emotion sells, logic pays. “Is it alright for you to save RM200 for your mum?”

  9. Selling is easy to do and also easy not to do.

  10. Well said, “Slight twist of Fate.”

  11. When products are sold and not bought, then and only then salesmen are needed.

  12. Selling Philosophy to Embrace: “Some Will, Some Won’t, So What? Next!”

  13. Be the messager and not the seller.

  14. Practice makes Permanent.

  15. Objections are predictable.

  16. Differentiate objections from excuses. We cannot sell on excuses. Test them out to see if they are objections or excuses.

  17. Best customers are those who object.  Real objections mean want to know more.

  18. Nobody can sell everybody; everybody will eventually buy from somebody. Are you that “Somebody”?

  19. To be productive, 99% of the people need Coach or Coaches, and yet many do not have one.

  20. Two types of coaches that are available for everybody: Professional Coach and Strategic Alliance Coach. The former involves huge fee while the later is often imposed no financial burden.

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