My Top 7 Life Philosophy and Principles

  1. I am responsible for my own success and failure.  And each and every other person, including family members, is also responsible for theirs, no blaming, no pushing away  of responsibility.
  2. I do not belong to me, I am only a part of nature’s phenomenon, likewise no one in this world belong to me. I come with nothing, I will go with nothing except  my karmic forces and leaving my contribution to the society.
  3. I will stay focus on gaining knowledge and practicing my lifestyle on how to stay vibrantly healthily for life and turn it into an income generating business for life.
  4. I am responsible to provide education to the degree level of my children, thereafter, it is their responsible to take care of theirs and their family.
  5. I am willing to discuss, help, support or coach people who are ready and committed to discuss, be helped, supported and coached.  When I feel  people lack seriousness and commitment, I will withdraw my discussion, help, support and coaching.
  6. I expect people to talk and communicate with me  with respect. Respect my opinions, ideas or suggestions even those you may not agree with them. Talk respectful.  If you cannot understand my points, seek clarification, do not assume, do not pass judgment.  I will respect you put forward your opinions, ideas or suggestions.  I will listen to you respectfully without judging you. Failing which,  I will reiterate with needed strategies . I do not wish to waste my valuable resources with anyone who communicate with me disrespectfully and who negatively trying to sap away my positive energy.
  7. I will invest time to cultivate my spiritual growth.

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