Our Life is in Our hands

An adult once asked a old wise man, “Oh, old wise man, is the bird in my hand alive or death?”

“Its life, alive or death, is in your hand, son. Let it goes, it is alive, squeeze it, it will be death. ”

Yes, one’s life is in our hands; knowing how to treasure it, despite whatever miseries, one life will be great; destruct it with vices, despite all good intention and advices from others, one life will be destroyed.

Each action will attract its consequences, now or in unimaginable future; each of us is responsibility for our life. When we put forth right effort, we ourselves will reap the harvest; when we lie, we are lying to ourselves.

Life has no beginning and no ending. Our actions cause it goes on round and round till the day we get enlightened or becoming worse and worse into evil realms. Actions propel consequences.   This is the undisputable  law of Nature.

Right understanding precedes right effort. Ego and stubbornness blinds oneself from the opportunity to learn and see things rightly. It is this ignorance that causes people to suffer life after life. Self-contemplate so that one’s can become crystal clear of one’s weaknesses and be humble enough to turn to good, as it is the only path to salvation.

May all be wise, well and happy always!

Thoughts arise on a sleepless night (rightly morning). Penned on 14 Dec 2015 5.20 am

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