Our Perception Our Reality 感觀創造實像

Our perception holds the key to life and reality itself! Our “Input-commands” become the “Output-results.” The collective human consciousness itself that is responsible for the existence of the universe we currently experience!

We ourselves play the prime role in the creation of our everyday world. The more we are alive and conscious, then we more alive our world becomes. We are the artists expressing our deepest passions, fears, dreams, and desires manifesting through the living essence of a mysterious quantum canvas. We are the canvas. We are also the images upon the canvas.

We ourselves are the perpetual artists, building a creation that is ever changing and never ending. Through our artist’s palette of beliefs, judgments, emotions, and prayers, we find ourselves in relationships, jobs, and situations of support and betrayal that play out with different people in different places.

The ultimate solution to any transformation of our reality is a change in “Our” Perception, Attitude and Belief. They affect our emotions and energize our heart to the reality of our lives.

Our ability to feel our aspirations make a significant different between working toward a result, and feeling from that result. When we work toward something, we embark upon an open-ended and never-ending journey. While we may identify our aspirations, and set goals to get us closer to our accomplishment, in our mind we are always “on our way” to the goal, rather than in the experience of accomplishing our goal.

From everything we see, we have the power to involve consciously charting the course of our lives and our world. We our responsible in creating our reality and we create our own reality!

with Love and Passion,

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