PJI – Team In Action – Testimonial & Photographs 11th Dec 2010

Testimonial – PJI Holdings Berhad

“Amongst all the teambuilding consultants and training providers that I engaged for my employers, Stanley Cham could only have been conferred as the most ‘Pragmatic and Practical trainer’ where his training was not stereotypically and generically designed but he would put in all the efforts to understand the company and its incumbents first before conducting the training; making the training so customised and tailored made to the point that it purported insights and hindsights for the company who engages him to go beyond what one possibly can envisage.

As a HR practitioner, I personally believe, Stanley Cham’s training is what all HR and Training practitioners are looking for.”

Hope to engage your service again soon. Have a blessed day ahead.

Thanks and Regards,

K.K. Loo
HR & Admin Department

With love and passion,

Stanley Cham +6012 3- 215 88


Unique Professional Proposition: It is TOUGH for companies to grow or expand  when Employees are not Emotionally Engaged. I specialize in inspiring employees to be Intellectually and Emotionally engaged with their organizations so as to Create a Win-Win Work Culture for the benefit of all.

p.s. Stanley is available for Life & Wellness Coaching. Call  or email Stanley for a non-obligatory discussion. If you like what we do, tell others; otherwise, tell us!

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