Pointers on Communication by Alan Tan

When we invite people to come for something that are wholesome and good, 8 out of 10 people will not come, why?

That is just how the world is made up of. Our challenge is to increase the effective our our in approach to get a better number.

1 Life 1 Chance – Makes Our lives Count

How to know what we do not know? Reflect, ask, search and research

Pointers on Effective Communications
For the Speaker

  1. Are you clear of the idea you want to communicate?
  2. What is your intention of that communication?
  3. How then to communicate effectively?

For the listener

  1. Does the listener have the intention to listen?
  2. Does the listener analyze what have been communicated?
  3. Does the listener make his or her conclusion?

Communication is completed only when feedback and conclusion have been received.

How to communicate with people who do not want to listen in such a manner they will listen?

  • Speak to the mind of the person and not to the person.
  • Know the level of the person’s mind.

How to know their lever of mind? Ask probing questions.

1 life 1 chance, live life productively.

Who can know ourselves better than ourselves? Are we our worst enemy?

An untrained mind always deceives us.

Be guided by the power of “Right” Understanding (It is very dangerous to just listen to the spoken words; we need to feel the hidden emotional meanings and feelings),  the power of goodness (the intention is to do good) and the Power of Common Sense (Different People Different Stroke in order to get the intended results).

Power of Wisdom – the ability to explain the unexplainable in an easily understandable manner that people can relate.

Thoughts give rise to intelligence, mind gives rise to wisdom. People tend to be clouded by thoughts upon thoughts.

When we have 20% facts to make 80% of our decisions, will me make the decision?

Be aware of the constructive fear, the non-constructive fear and the destructive fear.

Fear of being wrong will stop us from attempting lot of things in life we should and must do in life – this is a big psychological factor in determine a person’s success or failure in life.

Trust ourselves and train ourselves to be competent in areas that we need to be competent in.

Each time we are tempted to criticize, see the same negative thought in ourselves. Develop accurate empathy.

If our boss or spouse or parents need to be right, let them experience the need instead of insisting what is “right” and our need to be right.

Involvement to Great Performance

People want to succeed in life but cannot get themselves to “work”. Do we think they deserved to succeed? No! Does that also apply to us?

With Love and Passion

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