Prosperity Living 幸福人生

Prosperity Living begins with Education 幸福人生,教學為先。

Learn how to flow with the natural principles 學習如何順從大自然法則。

There are 5 natural types of Human Relationship,人与人之間,都會自然產生五種關系(五倫大道):

  1. Parents and Children: Passionate Parents and Filial Children 父子有親-父慈子孝

  2. Superiors and Subordinates: Superiors lead with respect and subordinates show loyalty 君巨有義-領導与被領之間,君使臣以禮,臣侍君以忠

  3. Male and Female: Each has different nature, Male fences the external world while female manage the internal affairs. Each needs to shoulder one’s role 夫婦有別 -男女有別,男主外、女治內,夫妻能各盡本分

  4. Elders and Young Ones: Follow the order and live in harmony 長幼有序,兄弟姐妹和睦友愛

  5. Friends: Maintain the trust, conduct on moral ground 朋友有信-守信用,講道義

The five human relationship is the foundation of being a human. When the principles are broken, lives will encounter disastrous, it will be difficult for family members to live in harmony; organization will encounter disorder, morality will deteriorate.  五倫之道是做人根基。如果違背了五倫的自然關系,人就難以立身處世,家庭不和;企業秩序混亂,道德淪喪。

The 5 orders of Learning 學之序有五:

  1. Desire to Learn 博學

  2. Questioning 審問

  3. Contemplation 慎思

  4. Deep & Crystal Clear Understanding 明辨

  5. Action 篤行

  • Self-cultivation: Trustworthy, Respectful, Charitable, Passionate and Wise 修身: 誠實、禮敬、不貪、不瞋、改過

  • Handling Tasks: Based on moral principles. Non-self-centeredness 處事: 以道義為原則。不為私利,不圖己功

  • Handling Things: When things go wrong; reflect upon self.     接物: 己所不欲,勿施于人。行有不得,反求諸已

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