Daily Qi Management & Human Wellness

Qi is the unseen vital life energy within and without that sustain lives. The proper and the smooth flow of energy within oneself is thus vital to a person’s well being.

Where there is Life, there is Qi; More Qi, More Life; Less Qi, Less Life, No Qi, No Life.

Qi permeates and links beings within and the universe without. By maintaining its proper rhythm and flow, it leads us to calmness, peacefulness, wellness, stability, balance and longevity.

Daily Qi cultivation or exercise is a critical path of a person total wellbeing. It is a form of managing one’s intrinsic life energy within. It synchronizes the Mind, the Body, the Spirit with the Universe. It allows proper flow of energy within and without.  It unblocked the blockage of body flow; it balances the unbalances and the in balance. Maintaining proper Qi flow also helps to promote maximum absorption of nutrition from the food we consume into our body systems.

Daily Qi Cultivation or Exercise can easily be done and achieved through the proper managing and synchronizing one’s breathing, body and the mind an while embracing the Universe.

The quality of a person’s life is reflected by the quality of management of a person’s Qi.

On the subject of Qi,  the following links may be of interest to you.

Step 1 – Daily Qi Managing Exercise – (20 minutes)

  • Begin with a relax posture with legs slightly apart in parallel with the shoulder width
  • For outward movement, lift both the hands up with elbow parallel at shoulder height with palms facing outward, slowly and relaxingly move both the hands forward to the maximum with both the legs flowing downward movement
  • For outward movement, breath out slowing and naturally though our mouth with lip curve downwards
  • For inward movement, both the palms face inward and draw them back to the original outward position.
  • For inward movement, inhale slowing and naturally through our nose with lip curve upwards
  • Conclude by the closing session as shown in the Clip below

Step 2 – Qi Alignment - (5 minutes)

Step 3. Concentration & Absorption of Qi - (5 minutes)

Step 4. Concluding - Messaging, Retaining and  Releasing Qi – (5 minutes)

To do more than 1 thing at a time, I normally play and flow with the following Value-based Audio Messages with background music while I do this exercise:

Daily Value-based Message 100915-03

Amazing Power of Qi demonstrated by a 84 years old man

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