Self-awareness for Growth

1. The Highly Commercialized World

We are living in a highly commercialized world with plentiful of unethical business innovators and business people who primary aim is after MONEY. The world is at powerful control of the Powerful Manipulative Politicians and Capitalists who do not care a dam of our survival or health. They are powerful and great marketers.

2. Choices, Confusions and Opportunities

Living in a world of plentiful choices, people at large have become more and more ignorance of the reality and the truth. Choices create confusions; confusions give rise to opportunities for manipulations of the Powerful Expert Manipulators. Knowledge and information is unlimited. With limited life resources we have, it is impossible for us to fully aware the manipulative world that we are living in.

3. Wisdom to Love and Grow Ourselves and Serve Humanity Ethically

  • Take good care of our health – the greatest gift to humanity

-       Eat, drink and breath what we need; avoid self-inflicted potentially dangerous processed goods

-       Listen to the messages send by our body, seek the advices of people who truly care for care us

  • Know our Roles

-       Know our primary roles at various stages of life, stay focus and deliver it to our very best possibility, there is time for everything, avoid the temptations short-circuit life, it will only destroy our future, there is no free lunch over the long-term. Our values in life is greatly based on the foundation we have made during our forming years

  • Choose and Position ourselves Wisely based on Wholesome Values

-       Do not get involve in trade and things that endanger lives and families – ours and others

-       Be knowledgeable and be an expert in whatever we choose to do, most importantly be trustworthy. Be a man of value more than a man of success.

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