ORGANIZATIONAL PURPOSE – Do you have a clear understanding of what our organization is set to achieve and why? Are we enthusiastic about it?

TEAM GOALS – Do we have a clear understanding of our team’s goals? Do we have a clear understanding of our tasks and our team’s goals?

TALENT – what do we feel are our natural gifts & strengths?

PASSION – what things naturally energize, excite, motivate & inspire us? How do our talents & passions connect to our organization’s purpose?

MARKET VALUE – what skills and talents do we have that we feel the world demands and the market knows us enough to pay us for?

CONSCIENCE – have we ever felt something within us that assured us of what was right, and then prompted us to do it? Describe our experience.

VISION - Do we feel we have found our vision in life?

MANAGEMENT – Did we respond well to being treated with the management by objectives or the carrot-and-stick management? Did we feel empowered to change our situation? Why or why not? Have we ever managed someone at work using control tactics? Did others respond well to this type of management? How do we think the people we were managing felt? How did we feel while managing using this type of tactics?

PERCEPTION - Perception means frame of reference through which we view the world. Describe how we perceive ourselves. Describe a perception that we feel others have of us. How does this perception affect how others treat & respond to us?

with Love and Passion,

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