Selling and Marketing

Proactive Salespeople Aware:

  • Nothing happens until we call!

  • We can never fail in our selling profession so long as we keep on calling on people.

  • It is an indication of our conviction and passion towards our profession

Before we call:

  • Do our marketing job of organizing our targeted prospects.

Within an hour, I made 7 calls

  • 1 call – Not answered

  • 2 calls – Cement relationship and make appointments

  • 2 service calls – 1 not answered and the other one manage to enhance after-sale relationship and arrange for after-sale visit

  • 1 contact was in China and he will call back when back from China

  • 1 deadwood

How was my feeling? Great!

These are the 2 critical activities of all proactive sales professionals until we are able to attract the market to us.

To ensure effectiveness of a sales call, sales professionals need to well verse about their profession (time and efforts  needed to expand on researching into what they are marketing) and have a convincing face-to-face presentation system.

Sales and Marketing success is about hard and heart work. Do not just wait form money to fall from the sky.

With Love and Passion

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