Start Selling, Stop Shunning 4 – Personal Power In Selling

We are all in “Sales”! It is a colossal mistake to think that we are not in “Sales”.

Two Golden Truths in Selling

1.       Customer invest in who you are and in what you can do for them

2.       Customer invest in your ability to deliver more than others

What do you do for a living?

Can you pass the “Who Cares” test?

To rise to the top, we could not be typical, we have to be unique!

We have to play with possibilities, we have to with alternatives, and we have to put our creativity to work.

Example: “I’m a value-add motivator and training specialist who help companies grow their business by inspiring employees into wanting to grow themselves and be willing to engage with the company they are with to create a win-win employer-employee partnership.”    Instead of just “I’m a trainer.”

How to get your request through the winning ways

1.       Be politely persistent. Do not let bureaucracy win.

2.       Stay calm. Yelling and screaming to get what you want do not work.

3.       Be in control. If we are not, somebody else will.

4.       Never feel like a victim. It does not serve you well.

5.       Ask questions that get you closer to our goal.

6.       Spend no time with non-decision makers.

7.       Find people who can say ‘yes’ or can significantly influence another decision maker to say “yes.”

8.       Gain support from others and create a team.

9.       Let others be a positive contributor in getting what you want.

10.   When you get the decision you want, be grateful. Say “thank you.” Smile. And move on.

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