一木是木,两木是林,三木是森! (A Solid Wood is Just a Solid Wood, Two Woods is a Tree, Three Woods Become a Forest)

只有一片森林才能改变气候!(Only a Forest to Change the Climate!)
一人是人,两人是从,三人是众! (One Person is Only with the Strength of a One Person, Two  is Partnering从, 3 Makes Up a Team 众!)

只有众人才有强大的能量,众人拾柴火焰高!团队不仅要人多还要心齐,人心齐,泰山移!(Only With the Strength of a Solid Supportive Team, Togetherness We Set the Flame High! Teamwork Does Not Just Demand on the number of People, But Working Heart-to-Heart as One, Together We Will Be able to Move Any Mountain!

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