Work Our Plan, Live Our Dreams! Feel the Marvelous of 2012 Despite the Challenges Ahead

Welcome 2012 Now and have a “wowing 2012

Plan our Work and Work our Plan throughout the year.

Stir our life to greatness

Work with passion, stay focus and be totally involved

What will we do with your 2012? Another clean free year ahead

Take 60 seconds to ponder upon it.

We have two choices despite the challenging time ahead

1.       We can choose to just survive and be miserable

2.       We can choose to succeed and enjoy life to the fullest

And know this

If we choose to succeed

And decide to prosper

Know the WHY

Emotionalized our aspirations

Commit to our focused goals

Anything is possible

We were born to succeed

Our best is still yet to be

Our future is always in our hands

Inside us is a vast untapped potential

We are unique and special

We are great and marvelous

We can achieve whatever we put your mind to

Believe and have faith in ourselves and our mentors or coaches

Enlarge our vision

Fine tune our seeing

Increase our confidence

Attract the good

See our goals hourly

Take action daily on the critical few

Overcoming fear

Developing faith

Positively engage relationships

Unleash our potential

And don’t forget

  • Know and decide what we really want

  • Prepare for our success

  • Believe in ourselves and our mentors

  • Plan before we do

  • Ask when we need help

  • Avoid the negative

  • Move outside of our comfort zone

  • See the people, see the people, see the people

  • Master our selling skills; enrich and close on the spot, avoid living on false hope by delaying the closing

  • Let go of the past

And most importantly …


With Love and Passion

Stanley Cham +6012 3- 215 88

Inspiring Growth & Service

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