Corporate Written Testimonial

1. From Senior Manager – HR & Adm, Mr. K K Loo of PJI Berhad

Verbal Feedback

1. WCT Land

Greatly touched by your feedback during the training course I have with you on the 28th & 29th Oct 2010. This has inspired me further to carry on my value-add training and coaching services. Thanks!

with Love and Passion,

Stanley Cham

Written Feedback – Corporate (Continue)

2. Testimonial from Mr. Benedict Chow, General Manager, Harbour Plaza, Kunming, China

3. Testimonial from Mrs C Y Chan, Executive Director, of The Malaysia Association of Institute Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (MAICSA)

4. Testimonial from Mr. Jino Lim, Executive Director, Disccomp Berhad

5. Testimonial from Malaysia Institute of Management (MIM)

6. Testimonial from Mr. Lim Eng Chong of Henry Butcher, Lim & Long Sdn Bhd

7. Testimonial from Ms Mimi Tee, the Sales Training Manager, of Eli Lily

8. Testimonial From Chunghwa Picture Tubes (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd8.Testimonial from Nancy Chong,Conference Development Manager10. American Express

Written Feedback – Individuals

Popular Book Co. (M) Sdn Bhd – Team Synergy Training Course 20 & 21st July 2006
Name Occupation Feedback Rating
01 Wong Seng Store Manager The atmosphere was warm and indeed very friendly. Stanley made participation and involvement easy. We should have more of this kind of training. There are many colleagues I know only by name or voice. In these two days I really get to know them well. It helped to break the ice fast and easy. Contents of the training made me realize how much more regarding management I have to learn and put into practice. 10/10
02 Chan Ai Joo Financial Accountant I like the method the training was delivered in building team synergy 10/10
03 Maggie




Stanley was able to captivate the attention of audience, bring out the weaknesses in them. We received hugs from those we thought will never come forward 9/10
04 Leong Yeat Yen HR Assistant Learning through the use of activities, participants acknowledge one another and really make them feel good about themselves. 9/10
05 Albert Kwong Area Manager Totally change my mindset and made me realize the importance of “team work” -work as a family. Understand one another and build up good relationship, think positive and always forgive people. 9/10
06 Stanley Chew Merchandizing Manager Get to know our people better. Stanley is a good speaker, a good teacher. 9/10
07 Chow Yee San Made me understand human nature better, learn to see from within, learn to share and love. Stanley was well prepared and very enthusiastic in his sharing. 9/10
08 Mary Ha Bee Sin Area Manager Highly motivated to work as a cohesive team, I am now more committed and responsible to my work. Stanley is very well trained and a great speaker. 9/10
09 Lim Siau Hoon Accountant Thoughts and ideas shared were simple and obvious but most of the time we failed to put them into practice. Time seems passed so fast; I really enjoy and appreciate it. Keep up and well done. 9/10
10 Hue Yoke Lee Area Manager The sharing of management of change touches me very much. I realize how much I had progressed personally and professionally. Stanley is very good in delivering/sharing the teambuilding concept with all of our fellow colleagues. I am eager to start my day on coming Monday 9/10
11 Wong Lin Fong Asst. Merchandising Manager This workshop is great in bringing work mates together. Get us to know and appreciate one another more. It made us question into the purpose of life and work and also enlightened us about personal development. 8/10
12 Chin Khai  Meng Asst, Publishing


Ideas and materials shared are useful. 8/10
13 Esther Yee Area Manager Learned to accept myself, live peacefully with myself and manage stress. 8/10
14 Chew Chang Seng Area Manager Building of character and have a fair view on man and woman 8/10
15 Kan Mey Ling Senior Retail Manager Activities led us closer to one another 8/10
16 Cheah Siat Fun Area Manager Really got to know one another better and improved team communication. Happiness was felt throughout and experiencing the power of involvement. 8/10
17 Teh Lay Ngoh Store Manager Games brought out a lot of meaningful thoughts and messages. Stories told were simple yet meaningful and easy for us to relate to. 8/10
18 Loh Yong Lim IT Manager It allowed us to be total involved and not just mere participating. 8/10
19 Teh Ai Ling Area Manager To get all participants to let go their identities and be fully involved throughout the two days. 8/10
20 Wee Chooi Khuan Group Merchandising Manager Course contents were comprehensive; values and principles were simple yet very meaningful. 8/10
21 Hooi Yoke Siew Asst Merchandising Mgr Never feel bored with stories, short movies and humor in Stanley’s presentation throughout. 8/10
22 Wong Kat Wah Retail Assistant Manager Able to read people’s character and get to know them better. I like the games and activities. 8/10
23 Ng Ai Ling Area Manager Get to know each other better. The importance of building character and improving EQ 8/10
24 Helen Goh Event & Promotion Manager Get to know and accept my colleagues better. Very motivational indeed. Really appreciate the session. Thank you very much, Stanley! 7/10
25 Kelly Chong Assistant IT Manager Teamwork, Relationship, and Communication. People are important, importance of building good character. Get to know my colleagues more and better. 7/10
26 Siew Sheue Liang Operations Manager Activities used were able to enhance team building spirit 7/10
27 Joann See Merchandising Manager Everyone opened up their hearts, no barrier, no condemning, no criticism and synergize together with sincere hearts. 7/10
28 C T Chew Product & Publication Mgr Introduced many principles, ideas and useful thoughts to trickle our minds. Many life experiences have been shared 7/10
29 Edward Liang Operation Accountant Nothing is free, good effort will always be rewarded. It is important to know yourself through the perceptions of others. 7/10
Average Rating/10 8.21
What the participants said

Cynthia Tham Sok Fung Very good, not only for my job but also very relevant for living
Arnold Choo Learned to communicate more effectively with people; set my attitude right and I am ready to shoulder more responsible relationship in my company
Wesley Moo Learned to manage myself and those around me in such a way that lead to positve outcomes; to be more aware of the way things are done at work and in life
Grace Teoh Never give-up; focus on what we want to achieve. When we are working, focus on our mission and not our vision
Mohd Padzil I am motivated to deliver good job after this training; continue to provide more of such quality training
Doris Quah Very exprience trainer, knowledgeable, good sense of humor and pleasant. Great for building a cohesive team, great sense of involvement, learned to look beyond the present horizon, strong sense of togetherness.
Prema Menon Helped me to become a better person and in dealing with whoever comes in contact with me. I would personally like to suggest that this program be conducted for the rest of the employees in our company.
Low Mee Foon Learned a lot of things that I never thought before
Norhayati Stanley is a good trainer. It was a good and excellent training for me. I am more confident of my future and my future is bright
Norman Khek This training has cleared my mind; be more able to focus on my target
Kelvin Chong Many concepts I can apply in my line of work as well as in my life. I believe that everyone from our company should be exposed to such a workshop so that eveyone understand the power of teamwork
Gina Yap Trainer is energetic, wise, good teacher and no holding back. I learned to be more aware of the environment and people around me in order to get the best out of the environment and people
“Thank you very much for conducting such a Wonderful Seminar for our group. We enjoy your dynamic way of presenting the idea of being positive and   influencing   others for the better. I really appreciate this opportunity to learn from you and have   made a decision to implement what we have learned. Truly, this course Had Made an Impact on my perceptions in life.”
– Kelvin Tan, Group General Manager,  Prosper Group of Companies

“The participants had experienced an Enjoyable and Enlightening Session. Their unanimous remark is that they realized the significant of Team Dynamic and their personal mindset towards building a productive environment.”
- Benedict Chow,
General Manager, Harbour Plaza Kunming, China

“Interesting, penetrating! It managed to Break Personal Barriers among colleagues.”
- Chitra Karan, Manager, American Express (M) Sdn Bhd

“I have attended many awakening workshops. This One Was Different!!! It was filled with the much-needed emotional involvement and closeness, and the sense of personal touch. I felt that this training is a must for all human beings, especially those in the corporate world who have lost their sense of identities – have become mere mechanical tools without the much needed emotional intelligence, in their daily job and in their life.

- Evelyn Ch’ng, Certified Image Consultant, AICI, E’mage Style Consultancy

“This is a Highly-proven and Highly-rated Program that has been delivered to organizations nationwide for years…  Thanks to Stanley who has been gracious enough to share this course as part of his GOODWILL to HELP OTHERS MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY. Cheers!”

- T K Chan (Training Consultant)

“It was indeed a great learning experience of a Totally Different Kind… I’ve UNLEARN – those that supposed to erase from my mind, LEARN – A NEW Awakening Truths of  being a HUMAN BEING & RELEARN – a reminder/reflection of valuable knowledge that I’ve neglected.”

- Simon Cheng – MD, Province Growth Sdn Bhd

“The course was conducted very professionally. I felt very comfortable, I learned to Trust, Share, Love and Breaking Inhibitions.

- Jacqueline Ee, Regional Manager, MBF Finance Berhad

“It Touches the Heart and Soul of every participants.”

- Foo Chee Tiew, General Manager, Hicom Communications Sdn Bhd

“Inspiring! Thought Provoking! Rich in values and concepts. Breakaway from the norm.”

- Daniel Chang, Training & Development Manager, K L Mutual Fund Bhd

“Enriched with new dimensions in looking at issues and the Sweetness of Delaying Gratification.

- Saripah Nozian, Accountant, Petronas Dagangan Berhad

“Good! Presenter is Full of Knowledge and Wisdom. This is a practical course to make us effective leaders as a whole.”

- Ngim Kai Hock, Assistant Vic President, Citibank Berhad

Stanley, a Down-to-earth Trainer with Substance. Get to know him – be it as a coach, a mentor or a friend. You will benefit greatly from associating with him.

- Wong Kim Choon, General Manager, Genting Permai Park and Resort

“The whole session was Very Interesting and Easy to Understand.”

- Helen Neoh, Underwriting Executive, The People’s Insurance

LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics Sdn Bhd PARTICIPANTS’ FEEDBACK

Participants Participants experience and learning from the training workshop
Sherry Sie After the course, everything is possible. See things to its advantage not at its disadvantage.  Able to discard own identity to go with the flow and to make my 1st Million!  Apply methods to upgrade my colleagues thinking attitude and customs
Maggie Goh Positive thinking, more energy, more invoices. From lack of confidence to lot of confidence, more selling skills and more understanding
Janelle After this session, I learned to have more confident in myself.  Be a good team leader.  I am motivated to keep on growing myself and to give good services to my company and customers.  And enjoy work and life more
Ng Yoke Leng, Connie After the session, I have better confident to become a counter manager!
Samantha Leong After the session I know how to challenge fussy customers.  I am more confident to lead my team.  I learn to enjoy my work in my company and live happily everyday
Christina Low Always equip myself with a Positive Mental Attitude.  Work happily and life happily. Make customers feel “syok” so we have also more sales
Mandy Wong In these two days, I learned the importance of always be in a positive thinking mode, always see issues in positive ways
Jenny Kiew To use what I have learned in my life always and also in my work
Kong Yor Fun I can delegate tasks to teammates more confidently now to do some paperwork so that I can become less stressful and to serve my customers better and more professionally.  Need to get involve more in my job
Karen See From this training I learned how to involve both in my job and my life
Adeline Loh In this training I learned how to plan my future and my life
Peggy Choong I will enjoy and totally involved in our job to achieve goals.  How to lead my team members and how to do better in sales.  Big Heart, and be patient
Wendy My confident level has reached the summit
Jenny Foo Need to change myself first and must have a big heart.  MUST ALWAYS LISTEN FIRST TO THE TEAM MEMBERS WHEN THEY FACE PROBLEMS
Clara Chee Learn a lot about character, perceptions and thinking more confidently
Cindy Choong I will use the Power of Involvement,  Managing Doing and Being in Motivating my team for high performance.
Lay Leng When we think optimistically, everything flow better.  My goals – improve in my sales and ranking and achieve a happier life.
Jeanne Positive and confidence.  More successful and happy in life.  To share my experiences with my girls and family members.  Fill happy and enjoy the training.
Vivian Tan Before this workshop I do not understand the beauty of human psychology and philosophy.  Now I believe I am able to be a happier person and I would not live and “R T M” – REHAT TUNGGU MATI.

Sunway Hotels & Resorts – PARTICIPANTS’ FEEDBACK

Norazeah Azman It’s a very good workshop.  The exercise makes us bond together a lot.  Teamwork is a doing games.  We really appreciate this workshop.
Norma Bt Sonny Build up more confident, self esteem and believe at all time for the inner self.
Ooi Kee Chung Motivated.  Build up my self-confidence.  Happiness.
Nor’Isikin binti Rosle Very attractive and enjoyable season.
Salina Alias Very interesting, enjoyable and memorable experience with useful knowledge that can be adapted during working times.
Rosni Ramli I’m started from the bottom as waitress.  So this career was very challenges to me.  Sometimes I’m felt like quitting.  But this seminar given me a lot of motivation to stay put.
Viiidayanathari Good motivation talk.  All the best and god bless you.
Ganapathy Munusamy Stanley really done can good job, which uplifted my spirit in life.  Make me feel like new born baby, who got a guidance to succeed in life.  I’m really enjoyed & have a lot of fun.  I hope the lesson I got from him, make me happy my whole life time.  Thanks a lot.
Jayson Ch’ng Siang Hee Gained a lot of points in the motivation workshop especially positive thinking as well as sales.
Suzanne Kathleen Rode Effective, Awakening & interesting talk.  Syok!!
Noraisyak Jamal Interesting & meaningful talk.
Anith Fadilah Mohd Nadzir Effective, Good awakening & interesting talk.  Syok!!
Norliza Abu Bakar Effective, inspire awakening and interesting talk.  Go Champion!!
Khairunnisya Kamaruzaman Thanks for all those words.  I’m being motivated.
Ferena Chung This very energy and wonderful speech and very interesting, memorable and good experience workshop.  Thank you Mr. Stanley Cham.  You are champion & number one.
Nurul Hidayah bte Abdullah To understand myself how to communicate with people.  Need to build good foundation before making decision.  Don’t chase for happiness/love/cash, things will come.
Vivienne Tang Yeang Yan This Training teaches me a lot and is very useful!  I just started my career and so grateful that I have a chance to attend this training.  Thank you!
Zaber Nassar bt Painda Khan Life is not only me but it’s about everyone out there.  We need to develop our wisdom and have a positive mental attitude, to achieve our mission.
Hamidah Ishak This training has motivated me in terms of personal and career growth.  To become somebody of success. It is wise to learn from someone who is always growing and contributing.
Maggie Tan Mee Kee Learned about our vision and mission in our life.  How to experience happiness in life.
Peggy Benni Great motivational talk on how to improve all of us to change our perceptions & mindsets, and on how to handle customers in a different way.  Make our customers/guest feel at home.
Ng Weng Kee A journey to our emotional self and integration it to our performance.
Rosli Zahidi We have led to the knowledge to be a better sales person, improve the purpose of working together as a team.
Wu Tzu Wei Great job during the talk! Well done!
Samantha Chin The games in between the talk definitely created the excitement and in a way build & foster the teamwork and friendship among the participants!  Great job!
Wan Zaidi Wan Teh A very stupendous and energizing talk by Stanley Cham. It really gives all of us a “SYOK” factor!
Simon Loke Interesting!
A. Rafi A Rahman Drive me to become the champion & master happiness always.
Joyce Wong Pei Pei Happy, enjoy, fun.
May Ching Inspired!  Everyone is a champion on his own way.  Strive towards excellence!
Cheryl Jeffrey Learn a lot on motivation, self improvement and happiness.  Created a very positive learning environment.
Ng May June Good!  I will try to quit smoking.
Ezrrie Rafizi bin Ab Ghafar Good motivation for all level!
Jeffrey Hanafiah The motivation was conducted well and we understood the message and key points put forward.
Yvonne Cheah Poh Ching Will achieve more in life!
Adele Ang It was a good presentation & back to basics on what we have all forgotten. Thanks.
Alphansa Kumarie Thoroughly enjoyed the session.
Harjeet Kaur I’ve enjoyed this session very much.  It has brought me or rather remind of the basic fundamentals of life.  Thank you.
Wilfred Yeo Good speaker.  Thoughts well presented.  Well done!
Connie Kok It’s inspirational and it helps me to understand the value of observation, sharing and caring.
Natalie Azlena Overall it was a good talk.  I enjoyed and ‘syok’ at the same time.  We are the champions – thanks to Stanley Cham.
Fiona Fong Siok Fern I think we learnt a lot about communicating, some key point to growth ourselves, but all these have to depending on greatly on ourselves. I can do it.
Lydia Vanisree a/p Jankat Learned about the intellectual and emotional involvement and also the factors to be happy in life.
Eza Zainal Learned how to become better person in relating to the intellectual and emotional involvement.

“Sifu Stanley, what a lovely decision I took to attend your seminar. I learned a lot; I learned how to self-motivate using very basic principles in life. The way ideas were presented were excellent,”

Lim Soh Buay, HR Trainer

Vijaya Menon, a friend I have known for more than 20 years, a trainer and hypnotherapist,  said, “Stanley has come a long way. If you are coached by him for 6 to 12 months, you life will never be the same again.”

“Stanley has done an excellent job of reminding all of us that we have the power to reposition ourselves despite what is happening around us. Choose wisely and your future will be opened for you!” TK Chan, Certified NLP Master Coach, Corporate Sales Trainer, Motivational Speaker

“This is an amazing seminar ever attended. At this tough situation, strengthen our mind and soul to face the challenges is a very important step for us to take.  I hold no reservation to recommend my friends and family members to attend the seminar,” Chung Jia Ling, Engineer

Thanks for your unconditional sharing. I have attended many awakening workshops. This one was certainly different! It was filled with the much needed emotional involvement and closeness, and the sense of personal touch. I felt that this training is a must for all human beings, especially those in the corporate world who have lost their sense of identities – have become mere mechanical tools without the much needed emotional intelligence, in their daily job and in their lives.

Thanks and always aim to be CHAMPION in life!!

Evelyn Ch’ng

Certified Image Consultant, AICI, E’mage Style Consultancy

23rd September 2007

“A lot of effort was put into creating this power-packed workshop which is filled with both conservative thoughts as well as “out-of-this-world” self-reflection. Filled with gems of truth and wisdom; there is simplicity in the ideas shared. Definitely it is great for those who are looking to find down to earth advice during uncertain and even in certain times as the value derived is based on fundamental truths and on the understanding human perceptions rather then the trends of the ages. Stanley, I want to thank you for a wonderful workshop,” - CJ Cheah, Business Development Manager

“Attending your workshop has been an enjoyable experience. I am impressed with your outstanding presentation and heartfelt sharing. I have obtained many good and fresh ideas which are beneficial in terms of financial and life planning. I have also learned how to train our powerful mind to achieve success and happiness. In conclusion, you have actually helped me to explore our mind in order to chart out a meaningful life journey. Thank you for your ’transparent’ sharing and I hope there will be more people to benefit from your coming workshops,” - Khee Fatt

“Well-planned program with refreshing ideas. Lots of food for thought. Great choice of words used for positive thinking,” – Jap Fong

“Interesting. The way we think about people and our future. The speaker is so good and so energetic,” - Grace Pan UTAR student

“Mr. Stanley, I’m Eugene here. I just want to say today’s workshop was extremely fruitful and powerful which brought me to another level of thinking. Thanks a lot. It is awesome,” Eugene from Ipoh

“Great presentation! Speaker really talks from his heart and shares all the good things with us. I really appreciate the concept of value-adding to people. It really inspired me,” Jackson Teh (Nutritionist)

“Yes, I love it! Expounded on the concepts of leveraging on existing resources, and the desire of value-adding to others – a great way to achieve our resolutions in a much faster pace,” Camy Low (HR Manager)

“An extremely wonderful workshop not to be missed! It is certainly a blessing to be trained by Stanley. The session on tapping into our subconscious mind to achieve what we want in life is most interesting,” Eileen Wui

You did a fantastic job today, Stanley. Energy level was awesome and the leveraging effect was great! I like today’s program the best (has attended Stanley’s workshops for 4 consecutive times). I love the concept of improving ourselves and at the same time improving others as we move forward and learn from one another. Thank you for the opportunity,” Eleen Wong – Business Development Manager

“Stanley, it has been a great experience and has benefited me and my wife. Thank you for sharing valuable insights in life and work.  I am grateful to know you. You are indeed a very rare individual who is willing to share. You are unique which makes you special. Through your workshop, I found my own guiding compass again. It is time to reposition and realign myself. It is really great to have yet another opportunity to learn from my master, Stanley.” Alex Low, HR Executive, Gamuda Berhad

“It is a relaxing session to learn more about ourselves. Good tips on overcoming the depressing economic situation. The ideas on tapping into our subconscious mind are excellent,” James Lang, Executive Director, Air-Blowers Industries

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