The Emotional Intelligence (Inner Child) in Us

We are born kind, through up-bringing and practices, we become vastly difference.

As an adult now, we all still have the inner child in us. The inner child in us is fundamental kind from birth and ready to be nurtured by the environments and the adults that surrounding us. As an adult now, through nurturing and growing, the inner child in us now is vastly different from one another. The Inner child is fundamentally the emotional aspect of our being, the emotional intelligence in us.

The question now is “Is the inner child in us a disciplinary and mature (emotional intelligent)  one or an undisciplined and immature (emotional suicidal) one?

The disciplinary ones will be able to love themselves and discipline themselves do what is wholesome for their life, self-aware of their emotions and manage them effectively while the undisciplined one will seek instant gratifications, show temperaments, throw tantrums, highly undisciplined.

Despite the adult in us want to build an ideal life for ourselves, it is the inner child in us that subtlety, without our conscious awareness, steer the way we feel, think, do what we do daily. Thus, we will end-up not achieving what we set to achieve in life until and unless we are able to align our feelings to right the inner child in us.

The good news is unlike intellectual intelligence which does not change significantly over a lifetime, our emotional intelligence can evolve and increase with our desire to learn and grow. For those who now possess an indiscipline child in them, the challenge now is if they are willing to take a serious effort to nurture the undisciplined inner child become highly discipline and matured.

Dr. Stanley Cham

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