The Faith Factor of Success

Well-defined End is the secret to Enduring Success

What are our life dreams, what are our life aspirations. Believe in our Dreams, Believe in our Life Aspirations. Believe that we can have any kind of life we want even though it is impossible to see where the money will come from.

Having faith in the face of scarcity is challenging.

How in the world is a person going to have that kind of faith when all evidence proves that it is utterly impossible?

Four things to help us build that necessary faith.

  1. Continuing Education – learning new marketable skills and studying the laws of success

  2. Work – investing time, money, and energy in other income streams outside of our regular jobs even they do not produce a profit

  3. Choosing to Believe in Ourselves or Some External Source

  4. Keep on working till dreams materialized

There are a lot of ditches to dig and canals to build before a regular flow of water. As we explore our talents and look for new ways to monetize them, just picture ourselves digging ditches and building canals. It’s so easy to think that a massive, sudden flow of money would solve all of our problems, but in reality, that gush could be just as devastating as a flash flood in a valley where the settlers are trying to create a system for a steady, constant supply of water instead.

We do not want the gush until our systems are in place!

Having put forth so much unrewarded effort for that many years, in the face of scarcity, instead of saying, “I can’t think of a single place the money could come from,” we could more easily say, “The water could come from any one of the hundreds of trenches we dug all those years!”

Faith is the critical element in transformation. All the work in the world without faith can be just as useless as all the faith we can muster without work.

Faith without works is dead. Without effort, faith is meaningless. Why? Because we demonstrate our faith BY working! We are proving our belief in the abundant life by putting forth the effort to get those money-making systems in place.

And, when faith is low, work can help it grow.

If we cannot think of where to get the money we need, shift our focus to increasing our knowledge, and get to work finding some kind of meaningful services we can perform for others.

Have faith and stay in forward motion. Our reward is waiting for us!

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