The Mind The Nature

心如工畫師,能畫諸世間 The mind is like an artist Who can depict anything in the world

若人知心行,普造諸世間 If a person knows the mind’s activities can create everything in the world


The self-nature is originally pure in itself.

The self-nature is originally neither produced nor destroyed.

The self-nature can produce the ten thousand dharma.



Truly recognize your own faults; accuse not others’ faults; others’ faults are but our attractions. Being empathizing with what has happened and learn valuable life lessons  from  it is called Great Compassion.


Nothing in life comes by accident, everything that comes to us is due to our attractions from time beginning.  Blame not and accept them wholeheartedly and move on with our life wholesomely. Good begets good, bad begets bad, the law of nature favors no one. We can’t change the past, the only that is within our control is to ensure that every thought, word or action now on while we are still alive is a wholesome one; we cannot change others, we can choose to mindfully manage our deeds. May we all vibrant more wholesome energy instead of unwholesome one. May we be compassion, wise, prosperous and healthy always.

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