Transformational Value-based Teambuilding

A Fun-filled, Impactful, Lasting & Motivating (FILM)

Team Building Training Program

Transformational Value-based Team Building program balances outdoor with indoor activities to strike a balance between fun learning and the need for intrinsic transformation. It is designed to generate lasting impact and a deep sense of faith in oneself that every individual in your team is important and can make a positive difference to your team performance. Nothing accelerates motivation and group bonding faster than personal experience.

It helps to inspire your employees to instill the core value of leadership, appreciation, empathy, respect, continuous growth and teamwork, with the end result of increased productivity, thus strengthening your company values and bottom line.

What your team will learn:

  • Leadership and Team Synergy
  • Analytical and Problem Solving Skills
  • Eliminating Limiting Beliefs and Mindsets
  • Breaking Fear and Developing Faith
  • Overcoming Obstacles and Barriers
  • The Power of Intrinsic Motivation

Program Leader: Stanley Cham

For further information and enquiry, call +6 012 30 215 88 or send an email to, thanks.

with Love and Passion,

Stanley Cham +6012 30 215 88

Unique Professional Proposition: A value-add motivator and training specialist who help companies grow their business by inspiring employees into wanting to grow themselves and willing to engage with the company to create a win-win employer-employee partnership

Mission: Inspiring Growth & Wellness Coaching

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