We Are Endowed with the Seed of Greatness

One day a man was walking in the woods near his home. As he was walking he bent down and picked up two acorns lying in the path. When he got home he examined the two acorns. He found the one to be perfect, beautifully shaped and without blemish. The other was a bit deformed and had been cracked, possibly by someone standing on it as it lay in the path.

He decided to keep the “perfect” acorn, and put it in his display cabinet. The other one, the deformed cracked one, he threw out into the garden. Now many years later that man died. As his children were sorting out his things they found the “perfect” acorn that he had, all those years ago, placed in his display cabinet. As they picked it up it crumbled to dust. Not being used, the potential within it had died.

Later the children had tea in the garden under the shade of a magnificent oak tree. The same tree where they, had had so much fun when they were growing up.

The little deformed, cracked acorn that the man had thrown out into the garden, had done what it was designed to do. It had grown to into an oak tree.

What is it in our life that stops us from reaching your potential. All too often it is because we feel we  can’t, and because we feel we can’t we won’t. We feel we can’t because we are a bit misshapen and possibly cracked and damaged by being stepped on, but these things can never affect the potential that we have inside.

Have faith that we have unlimited potential because we will never release it until we believe it. That every human has unlimited potential has been known and written about since the dawn of time.

In the words of St Augustine (399AD). Man travels 100′s of miles to gaze in wonder at the broad expanse of the ocean. He looks in awe at the heavens above. He stares in wonderment at the fields and the rivers, the mountains and the streams, and then he passes himself by without a thought, the most amazing creation. Designed for accomplishment and engineered for success, we are endowed with the seeds of greatness.

With love and passion,

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