Weekly Learning 17th to 23rd Oct 2011 Inner and Outer Consciousness

Read an article on The Relationship between This World and Other World and then relate to my own understanding and research on Outer and Inner Consciousness. Really hope that this article can inspire readers to explore more on meta-physical existence.

Outer and Inner Consciousness

Human being is born into this world with Outer and Inner Consciousness, the external and internal realities.  We are born here to progress into a higher platform. Externally, we are living in material world. We are challenged on how much inner consciousness awareness we can grasp as we live in this material world.

When this material life comes to an end, to what extend we have accomplished in relationship with our original intended progression.

Our inner consciousness is likening to a Radar or Global Positioning System (GPS).  It serves to direct us in reaching our life objective while experiencing the material world. Whenever we digress away from our original intention before birth, subtle signs and symptoms are communicated to us via our inner consciousness.

Near-Death Experiences

In the medical world, various reports and experiences have been made public in the past two or three decades.  Today near-death experiences have been included in medical research. According to medical research, there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of cases reporting people who have had out-of-body experiences, or experienced astral projections, when they suffered a loss of outer consciousness or heart failure or brain disease.

There are various kinds of near-death experiences, but the most prevalent kind happens after the heart stops beating, and the mind reportedly exits the body from the person’s head. Flying two to three meters above, near the ceiling, the mind watches its own body lying on the bed in the intensive care unit at a hospital.

While out-of-body, the mind feels very calm and experience no pain, but down below, doctors, nurses, and family members are all in an uproar, wondering whether we have died or not, and doctors are trying to get the operation underway.

As we look down at ourselves, we notice many tubes attached to our body. It is not a pleasant sight, so we shout at them to stop, but no one can hear us.

It is wise to be aware, know and listen to our inner consciousness while we are living on outer consciousness, and to explore the possibility between this world and the other world. Happy exploring!

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